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 Pray spend time with God

"Prayer helps us to keep faith in God and to entrust ourselves to him even when we don't understand his will"


Pope Francis

 How can you grow in your faith?

  • Attend weekly Mass

  • Attend daily Mass

  • Join Eucharist Adoration

  • Pray the Rosary

  • Say grace before every meal

  • Attend confession frequently

  • Offer prayers of thanksgiving throughout the day




  • Liturgy Preparers

  • Altar Servers

  • Eucharistic Ministers

  • Lector Ministry

  • Music Ministry

  • Usher Ministry

  • Greeters Ministry

  • Children’s Liturgy of the Word

  • Art & Environment

  • Sacristans 

 Please considering joining one of our liturgical ministries to further grown in yout faith: 

Christian Rosary Beads
Volunteers Packing Food
Soup Kitchen
Volunteer Group
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Picking Up Trash
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